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         WHO WE ARE

The        Idaho        Sheriffs’        Association incorporated   as   a   non-profit   in   1962   to promote     the     Office     of     Sheriff     and enhance               law               enforcement professionalism         through         training, communication,     and     providing     public safety services to Idaho citizens. In   addition,   we   annually   inspect   all   Idaho jails    for    adherence    to    Jail    Standards, manage      the      Idaho      VINE      program, facilitate     the     Sheriffs     Sex     Offender registration   program,   work   with   DEA   on marijuana      grow      eradication      efforts, provide   scholarships,   and   perform   a   host of   other   activities   to   assist   Sheriffs   in   the performance of their duties. Read more about the Office of Sheriff here.
ISA President and Sheriff Kieran Donahue (L) introduces National Sheriffs’ Association President, Sheriff Harold Eavenson to Idaho sheriffs at their May conference in Coeur d’Alene.
Thin Blue Line As I put my uniform on to protect the weak and the strong For the free and the brave, my resolve will not wave For my home! For my love! For my God! And when its time to hold the line I will not falter or fail For it’s much bigger than me. It’s the right to be free. And to uphold the law. I’m a father, daughter, mother, son, proudly wearing my badge and gun And when I kiss my family goodbye sometimes there are tears in their eyes For they know there are ghosts I see hidden deep inside of me But strenthened by their embrace…another day I shall face To protect, to serve, to keep the peace Honor bound with courage found when I hit the beat. Where evil forces are unleashed duty calls to stop the beast With a warning shout guns are drawn Adrenaline pumping, heartbeats thumping, just before the fall. Sometimes it’s us. Sometimes it’s them. I’d do it all over again. To protect the weak, the strong, the brave And if you’re standing near my grave, I HELD STRONG! I DID NOT CAVE! I held the line come rain or shine before I took the fall So when you see a cop like me say thanks for holding the THIN BLUE LINE Where justice reign and honor shines For YOU…WE HOLD THE LINE! Author: Meridian resident Mary Z. Cahoon created specially for Idaho’s Peace Officer Memorial Day
Idaho Sheriffs’ Association