Sheriff Members

The Idaho Sheriffs’ Association membership is made up of all forty-four sheriffs and their staff in the State of Idaho. Each county sheriff has one vote for association business. You can learn more about our sheriffs and our association in the about section of this site.

Honorary Members

The Idaho Sheriff Association also offers members of the public the opportunity to become honorary members of the association. The annual membership is for individuals, families, and businesses. Our association sends out appeals through direct mail to invite people to join. If you would like to be a part of our organization, you can find more information on our honorary membership program below.


Become an Honorary Member of the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association or Donate to Our Organization and Help Keep Idaho Safe

The ISA Honorary Membership program

The ISA has over 3,500 members support the work we do providing financial assistance for training sheriffs, providing scholarships to administering statewide victim services programs. We are a 501c3 not for profit organization that provides numerous services to Idaho sheriff’s offices that “lessen the burden of government.” We provide several training conferences a year for sheriffs, jail commanders and detention officers. In addition we annually inspect all Idaho jails for compliance to Idaho Jail Standards, provide victim services statewide through our victim offender incarceration/court notification program, work with DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to eradicate large marijuana outdoor grow operations, manage the sheriff’s sex offender registry program, lobby the legislature for laws to make safer communities and award college/university scholarships to deserving students.

Our annual mail membership drive begins in January and ends in July, however donations are accepted at any time. Membership fees support Idaho sheriffs, not out of state organizations. We have two membership categories: Honorary and Business. Please complete one form per person. Thank you.

The ISA has over 7,500 Honorary Members who support the work…

Individual Honorary Membership is $25 per person. You will receive a membership identification card, window decal, and bumper sticker.

Family Memberships – Any family of two persons interested in supporting law enforcement may become a Family Member and receive:

  • (2) personalized membership cards;
  • (2) star logo window decals;
  • (2) star logo bumper stickers; and
  • Annual subscription to our Idaho Sheriff newsletter, which provides news updates, safety tips, public safety highlights and more!

Medallion Memberships – Many of our supporters recognize the valuable assistance that we provide not only to our Sheriffs, but support staff, senior citizens and the youth of our state. Our Special Medallion Members contribute $100 per year and receive:

  • (1) commemorative medallion item/gift (differs by year);
  • (2) personalized Medallion membership cards for you + one additional household member;
  • (1) special raised dome Idaho Sheriffs’ Association Medallion Member logo window decal;
  • (2) star logo window decals;
  • (2) star logo bumper stickers; and
  • Annual subscription to our Idaho Sheriff mailed newsletter, which provides news updates, safety tips, public safety highlights and more!

Business Honorary Membership is $40 per business or organization. You will receive a window decal to recognize your membership.

Donation: If you would prefer, you can make a donation. Your donations are greatly appreciated and help us continue our important work. Tax ID# 27-1476889

If you would prefer to register and pay your membership by phone, please call 208-287-0424.

Direct Mail Campaign not a Scam

Recent mailers have gone out to residents in the State of Idaho from the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association on behalf of your County Sheriff. If you have received such a mailer, we want you to know that it is a legitimate request and completely voluntary. The Boise address listed on the flier is the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association business address.

One of the most significant resources to Sheriffs’ Offices throughout the state is the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association.  This most trusted organization has supported the Office of Sheriff in many ways for over 55 years.

The Idaho Sheriffs’ Association has long provided specialized services to assist deputies, jailers, other staff members, and the Sheriff.  The Association services include but are not limited to; Law Enforcement Training and Education, Sheriffs Round Table Discussions, Improved Statewide Communications, Victim Notification Services, Off-Highway Vehicle Safety, Search & Rescue, Jail Standards and Inspections, Concealed Weapons Licensing, Public Safety Legislation, and Youth Scholarship Programs.

The Idaho Sheriffs’ Association is a qualified 501c3 non-profit organization and receives funding by goodwill statewide citizen contributions through its Honorary Membership Program. For additional information, contact the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association.

Please note that the return address used is P. O. Box 16325 Boise, ID 83715 for our direct mail campaign.