History of the ISA

1863 – Roots of Idaho’s Sheriffs in Idaho

The history of Idaho’s sheriffs extends back back before Idaho became a state and was still a territory. This book of history tells the stories.


1890 – Idaho Becomes a State

Boise had two parades on July 4, 1890, the day after Idaho was signed into statehood. There was one in the morning and one in the evening. The daytime parade stopped at the Good Templar’s Hall, which had housed the Territorial Legislature in 1871. The celebration was the grandest ever, as “the heavens smiled upon the flag of freedom unfurled in honor of the newborn state,”


1962 – ISA Founded

Idaho’s sheriffs collaborated and formed the association in 1962 establishing a charter and bylaws.


2002 – New Jail Standards Published

After many months of labor ISA published its new jail standards publication to provide direction and guidelines for Idaho’s now 36 jail facilities.


2022 – ISA Celebrates 60 Years

The Idaho Sheriffs’ Association enjoyed its 60th anniversary.


Recent History – 2000’s to Present

  • Dues structure modernized in 2009…before then it had been 25 years since adjustment. Every county had been set at $1,600 prior to 2009. Dues raised by $400 in September 2010 to top end of $5,400 – based upon size of jail
  • Murphy Olmstead hired as our legislative lobbyist in 2019
  • Meridian Chief Jeff Lavey hired as our executive director in January 2021

ISA Employee History

  • Harriet Walters (1980’s) Combined Ex. Dir. and Jail Inspector
  • Judy Felton (1990’s-2000) Combined Ex. Dir. and Jail Inspector
  • Bill Lynn (2000-2005) Combined Ex. Dir. and Jail Inspector
  • Nick Albers (2005-2008) Combined Ex. Dir. and Jail Inspector
  • Vaughn Killeen (2008-2021) Vaughn was hired in contract position as Executive Director in October. Jail Inspector made a separate position. Nick worked as Jail Inspector until he resigned in April 2009.
  • Gary Aman-Jail Inspector (2009-2009) Gary was hired temporarily around May and left in October when Cindy was hired part time.
  • Cindy Malm-Jail Inspector (2009-present). Cindy left to work at Fort Hall Jail in March 2010 but returned in May 2010 and continues to present. Cindy went full time April 15, 2013.
  • Tammara Tarvin (2010-present) Tammara was hired as Programs Manager in November 2010 under a grant and was made permanent in 2012.