Mission, Vision, Values

ISA: Protecting and promoting the Office of Sheriff since 1962


The ISA’s mission is to promote the elected office of sheriff throughout the state of Idaho to ensure the safety and protect the rights of all of Idaho’s citizens.


ISA is an advocate for all Idaho sheriffs, their deputies, and their staff so the communities they serve can be confident the sheriff’s office will be there when needed.


Communication: The ISA strives to ensure communication to its members and on behalf of its members is clear and effective at all times.
Dedication: The ISA is dedicated to the mission at hand of providing safe and secure Idaho communities.
Honor: The ISA honors all the sheriffs and deputies who have lived a life of service in this great state.
Strength: The ISA is strongest when all sheriffs work together toward a common goal to protect and defnd the rights of the Idaho citizen.
Honor: The ISA honors all the sheriffs and deputies who have lived a life of service in this great state.
Guardianship: The ISA endeavors to work with all branches of Idaho government to safeguard each citizen’s safety and constitutional rights.

Our priorities in serving idaho

Contributing Towards a Prosperous Idaho

When people think about law enforcement, they often tend to focus on the arresting and enforcement functions. Idaho’s sheriffs see their role as much broader and deeper. Over the past decade thousands have moved to Idaho because of its many favorable attributes and way of life we enjoy. As sheriffs, our goal is to preserve a beautiful and free place where our citizens can thrive and prosper. It’s a positive goal.

Keeping the Peace Means People Can Live Freely

Peace creates the conditions where freedom can thrive. As sheriffs, our focus is maintaining law and order and contributing to an atmosphere where our citizens can live and work and recreate with confidence and optimism.

Sheriffs Uphold the Rights of Our Constituents

Our constitution guarantees the right to pursue happiness. As duly elected officials, your sheriffs are the chief law enforcement officials in each county. In enforcing laws, we uphold the rights of our citizens as defined in the national and state constitutions.