promoting safety and recreation for off road vehicle enthusiasts

Idaho’s natural wonders are some of the most beautiful and vital assets for citizens and visitors alike. Throughout Idaho, our different county sheriffs and their deputies and staff support the enforcement of Idaho’s laws in the extensive public areas throughout the state and specifically on the many state and national forest roads and trails. The sheriffs work in conjunction with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to enforce the laws and create a safe environment for recreants.

Idaho Off Highway Vehicle Program is sponsored by Parks and Recreation and provides funding to sheriffs who enforce violations involving 4-wheelers and other motorized off-road machines. An additional fee of $1.00 is charged at registration and can be designated by the registrant to go to the county where the person recreates. However, sheriffs must have an approved enforcement and education program in place to receive the funds. Go to Application Page

Each year no later than April 1, the Department shall notify the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association in writing regarding which sheriff’s offices are recognized by the Department as qualifying for enforcement funding under Section 67-7126, Idaho Code, and the balance of the off-highway vehicle law enforcement fund. It shall be the responsibility of each sheriff’s office to provide information regarding its off-highway vehicle enforcement program in order for the Department to determine whether it recognizes the program. A sheriff’s office shall have fourteen (14) days to request reconsideration of the Department’s decision withholding recognition, and the Department shall act upon such request within fourteen (14) days.