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The Association's Legislative Committee is comprised of Sheriffs Craig Rowland, Ben Wolfinger, Kieran Donahue, Chris Goetz, and chaired by Sheriff Steve Bartlett. The Committee meets regularly during the Legislative Session from January to April. Bills of interest as well as bills we support or oppose will be noted here. If you have questions you can contact any one of the following.

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2020 Legislative Session

Legend (S) Support, (O) Oppose, No marking indicates the Association has not yet taken a position or has taken a no position. Red indicates signed by Governor into Law.


HO308       Handheld devices, restriction ban

HO336       Motor voter act (O)

HO346       Distracted Driving

HO376       Drones (S)

HO383       Sexual Assault Civil Protection (S)

HO394       Constitutional Carry

HO397       Negligent Operation of Vessel

HO405       DUI Diversion

HO410       License Plates Valid for 10 Years (O)

HO432       Criminal Justice Integrated Data Systems Act

HO448       PERSI Cost of Living Increases (O)

HO454       Child Protection, Increases Requirements for Determining Harm (O)

HO455       Removes Requirement that citizens Report Child Abuse (O)

HO457       Prohibits Convicted Sex Offenders in Day Care Areas (S)

HO460       Garnishments (O)

HO467       Eliminates Authorization for Misdemeanor Warrantless Arrests (O)

HO468       Expungement of Certain Crimes for Firearms Access (O)

HO469       Increases Possession Amount for Trafficking Heroin (S)

HO486       Drones (S)

HO492       Facial Recognition Technology (O)

HO516       Concealed Weapons Without a License  

HO614       Electronic Devices in Vehicles


S1222       Decriminalizes possession of controlled substances (O)

S1241       Legalizes hemp in Idaho

S1250       Distracted Driving

S1253       Legalizes CBD Oil in Idaho

S1292       Motorcycle Profiling (O)

S1314       Distracted Driving, held in lieu of HO614

S1317       Illegally Posting Land

S1336       Assault and Battery on Commission of Pardons and Parole persons

S1340       Sentencing goals set by policy (S)

S1342       Commercial Burglary, eliminates minor theft

S1345       Industrial Hemp

S1384       Weapons and Firearms on School Property


SJR103     Warrantless Arrests (S)

SJR104     Warrantless Arrests (S)


HCR030    PERSI Cost of Living Adjustments (O)

HCR033    Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons (S)

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