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The Association's Legislative Committee is comprised of Sheriffs Ben Wolfinger, Steve Bartlett, Kieran Donahue and chaired by Sheriff Chris Goetz. The Committee meets regularly during the Legislative Session from January to April. Bills of interest as well as bills we support or oppose will be noted here. If you have questions you can contact any one of the following.

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ISA Executive Director Vaughn Killeen:

2019 Legislative Session

Legend (S) Support, (O) Oppose, No marking indicates the Association has not yet taken a position or has taken a no position.


S1003 Human trafficking diversion for youthful offenders (S)

S1004 State Police, Blue Alert system (S)

S1005 Human trafficking definitions (S)

S1023 Provides enhanced penalty for assault on Parks and Rec Employee

S1027 Notification of deceased person location re: Organ Donors (O)

S1033 Notification of deceased person re: Organ Donors (O)

S1028 PTSD eligibility for first responder (S)

S1064 Distracted Driving (S)

S1074 Medical responsibility for released inmates (S)

S1109a Motorcycle profiling (0)

S1110 Bail Enforcement Agent (S)

S1178 Exploding Targets (S)

SJR101 Rights of crime victims (S)


H70 A person convicted of sexual battery of a minor 16 and 17 shall not Have Their firearms rights restored (S) This bill was replaced by H276 (S)

H75 Requires non-residents to purchase off-road vehicle stickers (S)

H76 Regulates e-bikes

H77 Bans local govt. from enacting laws controlling hand held devices (S)

H78 DUI diversion (S)

H79 Provides immunity from prosecution for first responder rescuing dogs or cats from vehicles. (S)

H88 Removes gas tax funding to Idaho State Police (O)

H99 Reduces minimum sentencing for drug offenses (O)

H106 Slow down, move over (S)

H115 Authorizes peace officer to make additional arrest without warrant (S)

H116 Requires testing of sexual assault kits (S)

H118 Prohibits risk assessment tools  for pre-trial release without validation. (0)

H122 Hemp. Removes from schedule I and allows research. (0)

H156 Defines retired law enforcement officer for purposes of carrying a concealed handgun. (S)

H170 Requires notification of rights to parent or guardian at first contact by H&W services. (O)

H203 Allows guns in public schools. (O)

H209 Arrest without a warrant on certain crimes. (S)

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